The great idea I forgot to wrote down – Absinthe and the Martydom of Man

The great idea I forgot to write down - Absinthe and the Martydom of Man

I try to carry a notebook with me to jot down ideas and inspirations, if I forget the book, I am always assured of my superb memory to recall the ideas later (if only).

This still life is dedicated to those ideas and inspirations you attempt to recall but have frustratingly faded into the mists of forgotten memories without the aide-mémoire, no matter how hard you try.

​The early morning daylight slowly breaks through the window to witness a valiant attempt to write down the great idea I had. The idea I had been waiting all this time for, one that was to resolve all issues, open up new paths.  It was indeed a lightening bolt of inspiration worthy of self celebration while its genius was considered (too well). 

Limited edition prints available printed to Fine Art archival papers using pigment inks and suitable for standard 50 x 40 cm frame size.

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