Reflections – HMS Acasta

Reflections - HMS Acasta
I composed this still life in a response to an exhibition on the theme of “Reflections”.  Most went for physical reflections of one sort or another, but I was drawn more to this interpretation.

I borrowed some photograph albums from friend who runs a house clearance business, they looked ideal for my shot. Everything went as planned but when returning the albums ton their bag my eye caught one the photographs which was of three sailors.

On close inspection I manged to just make out the hat bands of one of the sailors, it was HMS Acasta, a 1929 A Class destroyer. Theship’s name did not mean anything to me, so I googled it out of interest.

The results left me a bit shocked. HMS Acasta was sunk during WW2 in conflict by the German battleship Scharnhorst and due to miscommunication help did not arrive to pick up the survivors, as a result only one person from the ship’s compliment of 138 survived, it made me wonder if…

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