Classic Still Life

Still LifeA gallery featuring studio photographs predominantly captured using a single or natural window light source in the Classic ‘Old Masters’ style.


Contemporary Still Life a gallery of Still Life images with modern day objects and set builds.

Dark, bizarre and Curious

Curious – A gallery featuring discoveries during my role as a magazine feature writer. These bizarre and unusual finds were photographed in situ.

Junk, it makes you smile :-)

Junk Shops – Dedicated to the wonderfully dusty traditional ‘junk shops’ filled with nostalgia awaiting a retro fashionable return..

Landscapes - Lake District, North Wales, Southern England and France

Landscapes – A gallery of landscape images I have been very fortunate to capture on my travels. The selection comprises of views from The Lake District, North Wales, Southern England and France.

On the Solent

On the Solent– Taken from land sea and air, Classic Yachts, Power Boats, Jet Skis and the America’s Cup