Old Rose

Old Rose

A feature of the Covid-19 lockdown was the restrictions of leaving your house and when you did it was only for specific reasons, one being a moment of time for exercise. With little time it could only be a short walk, thankfully I live by the sea.

The turning of the tides meant that no two days were quite the same and while exploring the mudflats of the sea creek I discovered a broken cup buried in the mud. The cup had probably been in the mudbank which had been part of a land refill area which over the years became eroded to reveal its time capsule of ‘treasures’.

I was immediately drawn to the cracked glaze and the delicate rose patterns although not too obvious through the mud and algae.

Sometimes it is these unexpected small finds that fire up a spark and you begin to wonder about its history and how long it has been there waiting to be discovered and what you can do with it: the finish of another Still Life and the left over roses were the perfect accompaniment for Old Rose.

Limited edition prints available printed to Fine Art archival papers using pigment inks and suitable for standard 50 x 40 cm frame size.

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