Larry with jaunty bowler hat
A delightful discovery at a West Midlands collectors. At the time I was interviewing the proprietor and photographing for a magazine when Larry was introduced to me.

The story is that Larry was, in a previous life a janitor at a French medical institute. Larry enjoyed his work and worked there all his life. At his request he left his body to the institute for medical research. For some unknown reason his skull ended up in the West Midlands a 100 years later. The story of his travelling adventures was not known (or divulged).

I think the single tooth grinning at me convinced me in an instance that a photograph was demanded. When Larry was ready for his part everything seemed ok but something was missing, something that would add that little bit more character. Looking around I spotted a bowler hat, PERFECT!. In an instance he came to life (not really 🙂 ) and he was ready for his photo and his grin seemed even bigger.

Limited edition prints available printed to Fine Art archival papers using pigment inks and suitable for standard 50 x 40 cm frame size.

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