Art and Photography

Art and Photography
A still life on the relationship between art and photography, inspired by social media postings.

I have often found it monotonously boring on the re-occurrence of someone posting  the question, “Is photography art ?” as though it is some intellectually challenging question for great minds to consider and debate.

The answer is of course down to the individual to decide but I and my artist friends believe it to be generally a question only ever posed by photographers in a sense of insecurity or acceptance of what they are doing. My view is everything is art (even urinals – Marcel Duchamp 1917).

No one has ever given a universal definition of what art is, and never will they. (I find the term fine art a strange one, if you cannot define what art is how can you have a finer degree of it). On the similar theme of being a photographer, if use a camera then you are regardless of how basic or complex the camera is.

For those that wish to argue (and please do not include me) this photo is dedicated to showing you that it is because it fits and perhaps you just need a suitable hammer to understand.  🙂

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