Still Life 1

A portfolio of studio Still Life photography and imagery including classical, contemporary and tableau vivant compositions.

It is very rare to find a definitive description for almost any art category, there will always be blurring of lines and opinions. For the purposes of defining my website to my style and definition the term still life in my Still Life 1 portfolio refers to a composition of mostly inanimate objects predominantly lit by a single light source be it natural window light or studio flash.

I believe still life relies entirely on composition and in keeping with classical styles ( even when using contemporary subjects) I try to refrain from using photographic specific elements i.e. depth of field.

As with the classic styles of the 16th / 17th painters  I attempt to keep as much of the image as possible in focus and rely on light, colour and arrangement for the final composition.

All the ‘actors’ have an important role in the still life image. There are no passengers and if something cannot be found then it has to be made or the project re-imagined.


Still Life Prints

Prints are available to order (subject to limited edition release).
All prints are made using genuine archival  Canon Pro-Platinum Gloss paper and  genuine pigment inks.

Print sizes of actual image approx 41 x 31 cm (suitable for standard 50 x 40cm frame) for landscape and portrait formats and 31 x 31 for square formats (suitable for a standard 40 x 40cm frame).

(5) or (8) indicates a limited edition print.

Please use my contact form for further details.