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All things of curiosity, a portfolio including selected photographs from Vald Korneev at The Designpanoptikum, Berlin, The Little Shop of Horrors, Hackney, Skinner and Hyde, Stoke on Trent, Chale Antiques, Isle of Wight, The Flea Market, Kempton and other private collections.

Photographs include  :- Borneo head hunter skull trophies, iron lungs, squirrel esodermy, medical/surgical devices, glass eyes, anatomical models, skeletons, clockwork mouse, petrified penis, fur ball from a cow, rabbit brains and so much more.

The portfolio includes many images that have vontributed to Antique and Vintage Explorer magazines.

Solent Forts

The magnificent Solent Forts,  Spitbank, Horse Sands, No Man’s Land.  The portfolio is a view of the forts in 2012 just prior to Spitbank opening as a hotle/resort and No Man’s Land was starting to undergo a refurbishment back to its former glory as a resort. Horse Sand Fort though still retained its original character standing defiantly after its abandonment, it has been suggested that Horse Sand may become a museum at some point in the future, personally I believe it to be a flight of fancy that I cannot foresee. The forts were described to me as the “Blackest of black holes for throwing money into but the fishing is good“.

It was a combination of good fortune, perseverance and a spot of serendipity that I managed to gain access  to capture this unique collection. It would that this portfolio is very popular as many of the images have  been ‘linked to’ by companies and sites but please note this is not a holiday brochure and what you view here may not be representative of what is. The forts have stood for nearly 150 years against the ravages of the Solent and in places it is evident.

Junk Shops / Where can you buy? / Antiques/ Bric-a-Brac / Brocante -

There is no correct description, except these are fascinating places where you will find nostalgia, things unknown and more or less anything else from a Bechstein piano to a polar bear rug or a Buddha to a WWF wrestler  .  Portfolio includes images from Langfords, Southsea; The Scarecrow, Frome; ABC, Gosport; Rob Wills, Powys; Exeter Antiques; Robbies Rummage,  Hastings; Camden Curios; Gordon Gridley, Camden Passage; Chale Antiques, Isle of Wight.  

The portfolio includes many images that have vontributed to Antique and Vintage Explorer magazines as well The Antiques Traders Gazette

Victorian Forts

A portflio on the Pamerston commissioned forts built to protect Portsmouth Harbour from perceived invasion by Naploeon III.

The portfolio covers Fort Brockhurst, Fort Gilkicker, Husrt Castle, Fort Nelson and No.2 Battery.  The images of Fort Gilkicker are of the fort prior to any re-development and indicate the state at the time of this well positioned coastal defence point