Solent Action

Solent Action - America's Cup action - Grouparama

America’s Cup action – Grouparama on end

The Americas Cup 2015 Portsmouth

The second Americas Cup race 2015 was the inaugural event for Portsmouth and the Solent. With Sir Ben Ainsley racing the Portsmouth based LandRover BAR AC45 expectations of an exciting event and success for the home based yacht were high. Sadly however the event failed to deliver as only one day of racing was completed. For all the preparations and organisation no one was able to beat the unseasonable turn of weather and conditions. The gallery featured was shot as a personal  project on the only day when full racing was possible.

Kissimmee P1 Superstock

Kissimmee P1 Superstock racing at Stokes Bay Gosport


Solent Power

A short gallery featuring the break neck speeds of the P1 Superstock power boats and waterski racing take from the shoreline at Stokes Bay, Gosport.

Panerai Classic Yacht Regatta - Cowes, Isle of Wight

Panerai Classic Yacht Regatta – Cowes, Isle of Wight


“There is a classic yacht regatta happening at Cowes in the Isle of Wight, can you cover it for an article?”
  “Sure, when is it?”
“Next week”
“Err, ok”

Having lived next to the sea all my life sailing was not really something that floated my boat although I would readily admit to being mesmerised when spotting a classic wooden yacht in the Solent. Presented with a chance to get close to such  magnificent and beautiful yachts was not an opportunity to decline. Whatever the weather or conditions I was going to be there.

Thank you to staff and friends at the Panerai