Self Portraits – the seflies

Self portraits or selfies, most of us are probably guilty of taking one at sometime or another.

For me it started with the necessity to supply a bio photo. Later as I considered project idea I had difficulty finding a willing ‘volunteer’ at short notice to model. The dilemma now was to either abandon or postpone the idea or just consider it another challenge to overcome.

Finally a solution, play both roles and take the photographs. Acting the part when you take your own photo you are hoping to be correctly posed in the frame and in focus. Some photographs took more than a few attempts before being satisfied.

The self portraits below are a project I created where you imagine a scenario involving two or more people. In the photos one person has an action inflicted upon them (the stooge) while the other is inflicts the action. A photo is taken of the stooge, printed and then placed on the wall ready for the other part to be played out.

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