The series “Curiosity” evolved from the “Junk Shops” project which focused on traditional junks shops. During my travels to these bastions of organised chaos it was always fascinating to hear the anecdotes of the shop owners who would gladly regale about some of the more unusual items that they had acquired over the years (their under the counter items 🙂 ).

Upon the words, “Have you ever seen a curiosity cabinet ?” being whispered in my ear, a whole new world opened up which dared me to explore. Items I had only ever heard or seen pictures of were suddenly becoming physical and very real, head hunted skulls; flying cats and dogs; fur balls from a cow; iron lungs and more, all with stories to chill the bones – fascinating.

Many tales told to me often appeared to be too  unbelievable or shocking and I can often detect a sense of disbelief in people when they are retold so perhaps check out for yourself with this video entertaining insight – Indiana Bones 

enjoy 🙂