You are sitting in the studio with all your photographic equipment at hand. You suddenly have an idea, you mull it over and excitedly declare to yourself, “Yes, that will work”. Everything you require to fulfil the vision is there barring one thing, the model. It is either too late, at an unsociable hour or just simply that it might be too tough an ask to get someone else involved (it could be considered too much of a strange idea for a victim  a model to be involved in). Cue, make up, lights and action, you are about to be star behind and in front of the camera.

The photographs featured in this portfolio were created using the following process :-

  1. A scenario was imagined.
  2. A self-portrait of the victim/subject was taken and then printed
  3. The print was then placed on a background
  4. A second self-portrait was then taken of the action on the subject

The project is still a work in progress with many new ideas being considered and some being discounted on certain moral grounds 🙂