Junk Shops


Believing that I could source some objects from a junk shop as props for a photo shoot I was horrified to find that the traditional junk shop is an endangered species. If an item’s not on ebay then it’s sitting in glass cabinet with a high price in a nice clean shop, the days of digging through piles of stuff and perhaps finding a diamond, reminiscing over memory jolting objects or puzzling over what on earth something could be seem to be fading.


The series “Curiosity” evolved from the “Where can you buy” project focusing on traditional junks shops. On my travels to some shops and in conversation I came across some more unusual items that some shop owners had (their under the counter items). A whole new world opened up and dared me to explore, head hunted skulls, fur balls from a cow and iron lungs with stories to chill the bones – fascinating. – enjoy 🙂


What’s dark and cold?  night photography, you don’t have to be crazy to get up or be out a stupid ‘o’ clock but it helps, the world is a different place once the noise and the bustle of the day goes.

On the Solent

Three galleries comprise the entry for Solent.

The first is “Solent Sailing” – A fortunate event when I was sent out in a wave crashing rib for a couple of days to do a story about Classic yachts. Sadly the article never made the print whoch was a great shame but the experience of chasing and capturing such beautiful vessels was agreat experience.

The second “America’s Cup 2015“, this was the inaugural event for Portsmouth which sadly could have not gone much worse as only one full day of racing was possible due to the weather.  The  Saturday event did however produce some exiting  racing for those fortunate to catch it.

The third “Solent Power” features the break neck speeds of  P1 Superstock power boats and waterski racing, very close and very fast.

Solent Sailing America’s Cup Solent Power

Creative constructs

Random acts
Sometimes an idea just pops up in your head, or a converatsion or an incident creates a spark, what do you do?  forget that moment of inspiration or craziness, or jump out of the box and seize it, develop it, create it then shoot (in a nice way of course)?  It’s creativity, it’s a challenge, it’s what if,  it’s finding solutions and developing.

The Self
A series of self portraits created at random times when inspiration burst forward and models do not. The series features “photograph in a photograph”  compositions where an idea is conceived, a suitable reaction posed, the photograph printed used as a prop as the idea is acted out. Other examples involve composition, manipulation or just plain simple in the camera and shot preparation.

Self  Random acts