Passion flower

Passion flower, as still life study
A still life study of the magnificent and intricate passion flower in full bloom featuring both full facing and side views. Captured in macro detail for every spec of pollen.

The name ‘passion flower’ refers to the passion of Jesus and the genus therefore has a particular relevance at Easter. Spanish Christian missionaries adopted the unique structure of the plant as symbols of the last days of Jesus and especially his crucifixion. The symbolism of the different floral parts is as follows:

  • the five petals and five sepals taken together represent the ten faithful apostles (excluding St Peter the denier and Judas the betrayer)
  • the flower’s radial filaments or corona represent the crown of thorns
  • the three stigmas represent the three nails and the five anthers the five wounds (four by nails and one by the lance)
  • the tendrils represent the whips used in the flagellation of Christ

Printed to Canon Pro Platinum papers using Canon archive pigment inks and suitable for standard 50 x 40 cm frame size.

Limited Edition of    5
Actual picture size  39 x 28 cm
Framed price           £85.00
Print only                 £65.00

p&p dependant on destination

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