1913 Remembered

1913 Remembered
Still life inspired by finding a 1913 handwritten journal in a Berlin second hand bookstore and some apples found rotting on a cut down branch near an old disused railway track.

1913 is responds to a memento mori /vanitas composition.

Remembering one year before the Great War. The skull represents the certainty of death and the rotten fruit of decay. The extinguished candle and the watch (19:13 p.m.) reminds us of the brevity of life. The fallen glass represents the uselessness of worldly pleasures. The the two dying roses entwined in a heart portray a lost love. All is not quite gloom however, the green ivy provides a glimmer of hope for new opportunities and life as in resurrection and salvation.

Limited edition prints available printed to Fine Art archival papers using pigment inks and suitable for standard 50 x 40 cm frame size.

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