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Philip Woolway ARPS  – Photography with a passion for capturing the unusual, the challenging and the aesthetically pleasing.

Haslar Hospital Portfolio

For over a year I have been fortunate enough to have had access to visit Haslar Hospital for the purpose of capturing this magnificent complex before it is redeveloped and journeys on to a bright new chapter in its history.

With the much valued guidance of both The Haslar Heritage Group and the developers  I hope I have achieved my objective in capturing both the splendour and neglect of this important site.

Haslar Hospital Portfolio


philip woolway at The Southsea Show 2014

The Southsea Show 2014

Delighted to be asked to exhibit some ‘Curious’ photography at The 2014 Southsea Show  (Aug 1st – Aug 3rd) by the splendid people of the King’s Theatre. If you are visiting the show (and why wouldn’t you? ) please do pop by and say, “Hello”

Haslar Hospital 2M limited edition print

I have recently been photographing Haslar Hospital, Gosport (courtesy of The Haslar Hospital Heritage Group) and on my recent visit I decided to capture the front of the hospital in such great detail that it would be possible to produce a 2 metre wide full resolution print. Despite earlier rain showers and the promise of even more rain the skies relented for enough time to capture the following image.

The Haslar Hospital image has been finalised to 2 metres in width at the full photographic resolution of 300 dpi with a size of approximately 750Mb. Availability has yet to be decided but the full size Haslar Hospital main building image will be offered as a strictly limited release of 10 prints.

The detail is incredible as indicated by the red circled gardener (approximately 200 metres away and who, conveniently, kept fairly motionless during the capture). Please email if you require any more for details.

Haslar Hospital, Gosport

Haslar Hospital, Gosport


Utter Clutter at Like a Teatray in the Sky by Contemporary Photographer Philip Woolway

Like a Teatray in the Sky

The Teatray in Sky café in Osborne Road Southsea have requested that the Utter Clutter extends its residency as people have fallen in love with the collection and how well it fits with the café, only too pleased to oblige.  Great coffee, teas, home made cakes and utter clutter, what else could you wish for.

The curious case of skinner and hyde by philip woolway ARPS from contemporary photographer for Vintage Explorer

Vintage Explorer 15

Six pages devoted to Skinner and Hyde in the 15th edition of Vintage Explorer. A curious tale of mystery and curiosity as I discovered what happened to the much loved Lucy and what happens to what is left over after the taxidermy applies his craft – not for the squeamish.

Vintage Explorer Issue 13

Delighted to have “Button” from the Designpanoptikum, Berlin on the front page of the Vintage Explorer magazine. The magazine features five pages devoted to this amazing and unique ‘must visit’ place and an insight to the one and only Vlad Korneev.

Junk Shops

Where can I buy … Enough uniforms to fit out an army? A golden Buddha? A polar bear rug? A Bechstein piano? An original Cyberman suit (large size preferred) or even a picture of David Beckham?

Solent Forts

Spitbank, Horse Sand and No Man’s Land, nobody can fail to be impressed by these dominating fortresses built in 1870 to protect against a perceived French invasion. How have they survived for more than 100 years? What are they like inside?

Victorian Forts

Behind the wall and through the gate along a puddled floor, there are forgotten passageways where daylight shines no more. Fort Gilkicker, Fort Brockhurst and more


A fur ball from a cow, a carved skull from Borneo or even a hunchback’s spine; all very desirable and the ‘must have’ items for the wealthy Victorian gentleman eager to impress and available from Viktor Wynd’s  Little Shop of Horrors, London. Seeking to satisfy an ever burning curiosity? set your browser to Skinner and Hyde, and hide your eyes! For the traveller who seeks the mysterious and confusing, the Designpanoptikum, a Berlin “must visit” or as it has been described ‘Frankenstein’s Laboratory