"Sardines 1"  by Philip Woolway Fine art creative photography from Still Life Gallery

Welcome to Philip Woolway Creative Fine Art Photographer.

My passion is the pursuit of photography as an art form of planning, creation and composing. I am a great admirer of Still Life and the Golden Ages of both the Spanish and Dutch practices and I actively pursue this interest.

My philosophy is that although one should have a keen point of interest it is essential to encompass the wide range of creativity and experience that other styles present. Immersing yourself and drawing from different disciplines allows you to form and develop your style.

The galleries within my portfolio hopefully convey a sense of wide-ranging subjects and challenges from which I have benefitted to create my style that hopefully you will appreciate.

Many images have been published in magazines and gallery exhibited. Private and commercial commissions accepted, and archival limited-edition prints are available.


Philip Woolway ARPS
Creative Fine Art Photography

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